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Involved in an accident? –Don’t panic. While no one can anticipate an accident, we can prepare on how to handle the aftermath. Here we’ll look at several steps to keep in mind after a collision:

1.) Stay Calm:
The moments after an auto accident are critical. Therefore it’s crucial to keep a level head for the safety of yourself and the others involved in the auto accident. Take a second to take a deep breath and bring yourself back into the moment and assess the situation.
2.) Stay Safe and Stay at the Scene:
Diagnosis your health and the situation. Are you, or any passengers in your vehicle injured? If anyone is in serious pain, don’t attempt to move them. Wait until a trained medical team can reach the accident and assist any injured passengers.
If no one is severely injured, pull over to a safe location and stay with your vehicle.
3.) Exchange Information:
After an accident, it’s important to exchange information with the other party involved. Remember to take down their names, insurance and contact information, and driver’s license number. A quick and authorized photo of their license should provide adequate information for the driver and passengers.
Remember to also take photos of any damage to the vehicles or any injuries sustained. Keeping a record often proves valuable later on.
4.) Call the Police:
In the event of an accident, it’s imperative that you or the other party involved contact the police to assess the situation, catalog the events and file a police report. This is a necessary step if there is significant damage to your vehicle, or anyone involved is injured. This step goes a long way towards filing insurance claims or in the litigation process.
5.) What You Say Matters:
After an accident, don’t admit any liability. Often times, it is unclear who or what caused the accident, and your statements could push you towards being legally responsible for any damages. Keep in mind that an auto accident can be caused by many factors. Let the facts speak for themselves and steer yourself away from admitting fault.
And don’t be afraid to talk to witnesses. Accidents often occur in public places and witnesses may stay at the scene to submit statements for police reports and can paint a clearer picture of what happened.
6.) Call Your Insurance Company: After these initial steps, contact your insurance company. Tell them the facts of the case and any and all injuries sustained. Moving forward from an auto accident can be a lengthy and strenuous process, but honesty and cooperation can make it much easier.
And always keep track of medical records and any documentation of the accident. Doing so will assist your insurance company or legal team in the event of a serious injury.
7.) Need Legal Help?
Contact our licensed and professional attorneys and let us help you navigate the legal process. If you, or anyone was injured in the accident, we can help you receive an outstanding legal defense. We strive to provide excellent care, quality and service for our clients.
An auto accident is often a tumultuous process, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our legal team assess your claim and get you the best compensation available and help you move forward.

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There are a number of factors considered when you are hurt in a car accident. Determining what your case is worth takes some investigation. How long you have been out of work, the amount of your medical bills, and the extent of your injuries will all play a role in what your case is worth if you take it to court.

If you are considering settling, you should know that once you settle, you can’t bring your case to court if new injuries arise. You should be sure that you are at a medical end to treatment, and that you are able return to work in a full capacity before you settle your case. If you are permanently disabled, you will have to take into consideration your future lost wages, a number that many insurance companies aren’t going to settle for.

When you are offered a quick settlement from an insurance company, this is a good sign that you have a strong case. Companies that are quick to settle a claim know that if the case was brought to court they would end up paying more in a court case. If you are offered a settlement, it’s important to talk with a personal injury lawyer to review your case. One that has experience with personal injury claims will be able to determine if your settlement is fair, or if you should go for a higher amount of money.

When you are hurt, you are entitled to receive money for your injuries, for lost wages, medical bills, suffering and pain. If you don’t feel a settlement offer is fair, it’s time work with an attorney to get the settlement you deserve.

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